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MAC sublayer service specification

General description
Constants have a general prefix of "a"
Attributes have a general prefix of "mac"

The MAC sublayer provides two services, accessed through two SAPs:
* The MAC data service, accessed through the MAC common part sublayer (MCPS) data SAP(MCPS-SAP), and
* The MAC management service, accessed through the MLME-SAP


A hands on course focusing on the technical development of IEEE 802.15.4. The course moves from a fast paced introduction to wireless basics through to the technical specifics of 802.15.4 and then onto the building of an 802.15.4 application.

Who will benefit?

Technical staff requiring a grounding in 802.15.4 including application engineers.


None but the course is aimed at experienced technical staff.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
# Recognise the features and benefits of 802.15.4.
# Install and configure an 802.15.4 device.
# Describe the 802.15.4 standard and the Technologies it uses.
# Design 802.15.4 networks.
# Build 802.15.4 applications.
# Secure an 802.15.4 network.


Wireless data overview
What is 802.15.4? Wireless networking basics, WLAN vs. WPAN, Bluetooth vs. 802.15.4. Target markets and applications. 802.15.4. Demonstration.

802.15.4 Standards
IEEE WPAN standards overview, features and services, ZigBee.

802.15.4 Radio
Frequencies and modulation. Power, DSSS, BPSK/O-QPSK, Channels, symbols, chips and bit rate.

802.15.4 PHY
OSI 7 layer model. PHY data transfer primitives. The PHY packet. PHY PIB management. PHY primitives.
Hands on: issuing PHY primitives.

802.15.4 MAC layer: Data
The MAC layer overview, CSMA/CA, addresses, frame types, super frames, Data transfer overview, Data transfer primitives. Data frame analysis.
Hands on: sending data between peer devices.

802.15.4 MAC layer: Data control
Data acquisition management and its primitive. Command frames
Hands on: using RX-ENABLE and POLL primitives.

802.15.4 MAC layer: scan and join
Scan types, association, and disassociation.
Hands on: joining and leaving a coordinated network.

802.15.4 MAC layer: PAN maintenance
Starting beacons, Beacon frames and primitives. Orphan and synchronisation primitives.
Hands on: Starting and synchronising with a beaconing network.

802.15.4 MAC layer: PIB
Hands on: using PIB primitives.

802.15.4 Network topologies
Peer to peer topology, Star topology, Cluster tree, roaming and bridging to wired networks.

Application development
Upper layers, ZigBee, TCP/IP, UDP. Sockets, APIs.


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